Monday, July 23, 2012

Anything You Starve Will Die!

   It has been a while since I have posted on here. I am sitting at work thinking (since I work graveyard shift there is not much else to do) and I had this thought, "anything you starve will die." Though this is no deep revelation I keep hearing these words over and over again. As I continued to ponder this thought I began to think about how often times this phrase is used to discuss ridding yourself of a bad habit or something along those lines.
   While this is very true in the sense that if you are trying to break a habit, one of the best ways to do that is to not "feed the habit". For me though, I began to think about relationships. I began to ponder how often times in relationships we don't put the necessary time and effort into making them work. I am not just referring to dating/marriage relationships though these types of relationships provide the perfect backdrop for my train of thought.
    Many times when we begin dating we put our best foot forward. We put the time. We go out of our way to let the other person know that we are interested and that we care. Likewise with new friendships. We call, facebook, tweet, DM, IM, TM, you get the point we are constantly doing things to feed the relationship and because of that it flourishes and grows. But as time passes, we go days, weeks, months without communication. Disagreements happen and we just let them go or worse we feed the fury instead of working to repair the breach in the relationship. Before we know it we look up and the person that was once our best friend, mentor, brother, or sister is now a distant acquaintance or worse someone that barely talk to if you talk at all.
   I am learning that anything worth having is worth fighting for. If God has placed people in your life remember to take the time to feed the relationship. Work through disagreements, and invest in building one another. Remember, anything you starve will die.